Free Email Marketing Tips

The use of email is the one of the most inexpensive yet most effective methods of reaching out to consumers with relevant content. However, using email for your business is useless if you cannot convert a consumer into a customer. Thus, you need to build your email list and your messages must be capable of prompting sales.

To help you do so, here are some free email marketing tips, which you can use:

1. Communicate the value of your email offers strongly by placing them in prominent areas in your website. The most prominent place to put this message is your homepage. For utmost effect, it is recommended to place the link to your subscription page above the fold, so that potential subscribers can gain access to it without having to scroll. You, however, will not stop there. The link to your subscription page must be placed in all pages of your website to guarantee its availability in the event that a visitor becomes enthused to be a subscriber.

2. Provide reassurance. Let the subscribers know what the benefits of subscribing are, whether these are advance sale notices, exclusive product discounts, alerts on the latest product releases, informative content, or important news. You must convey this value proposition within the subscription area itself by having something like, “Register now and never get the chance to miss our latest specials, offers and news.”

3. Include a privacy policy along with the registration form. Studies show that 50% of consumers say they feel more comfortable in subscribing if a privacy policy is included.

4. State clearly what subscribers can expect to receive in their emails such as how often the emails will be and what their content will be about. Provide a sample email so the subscribers will have an idea of what to expect.

5. Immediately send a message of verification upon successful signup to further assure the subscriber that his email address has been registered securely. Include also a welcome message and a reminder of what he has signed up for. You must also provide a link to the main page where they can manage their subscription.

6. Run an invite-a-friend campaign. To motivate your subscribers to be active in providing the email addresses of their friends, give away a prize for the subscriber who can make the most number of invites.

7. Promote bonuses and other incentives, such as a freebie on the next purchase a subscriber makes. You might also offer free shipping for the next purchase.

8. Provide email-only freebies such as a free ebook that contains useful content. This will motivate potential subscribers to exchange their email addresses for a 15-page quality information.

9. Keep your subscribers interested by making special offers in a timely manner.

10. Run a feedback campaign and ask your subscribers relevant questions. Moreover, ask them for their comments, suggestions or any other opinions. Reply to those that require responses. Then, make the necessary adjustments to accommodate your subscribers’ needs and expectations.

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