Marketing Quick – Hit Tips

I wanted to start a series of quick-hit tips to help you get better results in your marketing.

These are some of the top things you need to understand moving into the New Year and the new mindset of today’s buyers:

* Copy is not advertising. It’s salesmanship in print. You do not need to always be selling a product or service (not recommended), you should be selling your prospects and clients on you, your ideas, your values, etc. Get them over to your side, and then, once they are warmed up, then you can sell your products and services. Trust always comes first.

* You don’t need to be a 10/10 in marketing to get great results, you can be a 6! Everyone else is a zero. If you doubt this… LOOK around you. Their ads suck. Their yellow page postings suck. Their websites suck. They do not understand marketing…and it shines through. Big reason why so many companies are failing right now…they think price cutting is a winning marketing strategy. It’s not!

* The receptivity of the recipient is MORE IMPORTANT than the copy itself. (message to market match). You can have the best copy in the world…but if it is targeted at the wrong audience…it WILL fail. Mediocre copy targeted at the right audience will almost ALWAYS win. As a copywriter and marketing consultant, I hate to say copy isn’t ALWAYS king…but I know it…and I make sure my copywriting clients know it too.

* Your own customer list is (by far) the best recipient of your marketing. Keep in touch regularly with your existing clients and make sure they are getting special materials that are ONLY available to paying clients. Word spreads. Give them value. Give them fun. Give them your personality.

* Your second best list to market to is a joint venture list. Find other people who market to the same type of client you market to. Approach them and educate them on the power of reciprocal joint ventures. Offer to write their promotions for them (they, of course, get full approval on anything getting mailed out to their clients). Arrange a mutually beneficial profit split on the campaign. Then make sure you do mutual
mailings to your list and theirs.

* Your third best list to market to is the lead generation list you create. Use the principles I outline in the Small Display Ads Lead Generation Report. Use 2-step marketing. Use consistent follow-up. Educate them. Share your personality with them. Do and say things you competitors are scared to do. Be different in a very cluttered marketplace!

* Narrowly define your best market, and then spend as much as you can to sell them. Understanding that this is counter-intuitive…but it works. The tighter you can define your ideal clients, the more effective your marketing will be. For example: I like to beat up on realtors. They all look the same, act the same, and get the same dismal results. FOR GOOD REASON. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and there are 5,000 or
so realtors here, in a city of one million. One for every 200 people! That is a very competitive situation…and explains why 90% of the realtors here barely eke out a living.

In the city of 5,000 realtors, there is only ONE realtor that advertises herself as “the pet lovers realtor.” She advertises with pictures of her and her dogs. She puts her ads in the kids magazines, in the pet magazines, in the pets’ section of the classified ads. And she STANDS OUT in a very cluttered realtor environment. The more tightly you define your market, the easier it become to reach them and match your message to their needs.

* If there is something you provide that your competitors don’t, build your whole sales pitch around this. Dig deep into why you started the business. Why you created this type of product or service. Why you are the one to deliver it over all the others out there. Tell the complete story…good and bad.

* Make it look like a friend sent it. (best to use “blind” format with new prospects. When they know who you are teaser copy is best. Use front and back of envelope; testimonials, teasers,etc.)

* Lumpy mail gets dramatically better results.

Just a few quick and dirty tricks that are guaranteed to get you


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