Chiropractic Marketing Video Tips

When chiropractors are starting to get into web 2.0 chiropractic marketing, they typically have a lot of questions about making videos and converting them. Here, I will lay down a blueprint that has worked really well for me in the past couple years so that you can get on the fast-track to success. Web 2.0… Read more »

3 Killer Video Marketing Tips

It’s no secret that video marketing is all the rage today. If you think I’m kidding, take a look at a little site by the name of YouTube. I think it’s ranked something like number 2 or 3 right now. The marketing videos at YouTube and other video sharing sites are rampant. And just as… Read more »

Tips On Email Marketing

Even without paying for a membership, one can still purchase a domain, have a website and still be able to select who to admit and not. The reason why the article marketer has increased in popularity is because of the power of these article directory sites. When you write an article with links that refer… Read more »

Video Marketing – Video Marketing Tips

Some people would see it as sad that most people today would rather watch a how-to video on how to repair a dishwasher than read the instructions on the screen or on paper. And people would rather watch a video on the history of the civil war rather than sit down for any extended period… Read more »

Twitter Marketing Tips

Some people are anti-twitter because they do not want to be caught up in the phenomena of technological gadgets and what it means for the world’s ability to socialize face to face. But Twitter is more than just another social networking website where you can update your friends about your daily activities. It is quite… Read more »

Practical Email Marketing Tips

The internet has undoubtedly become known as one of the most resourceful ways to reach the public and email is considered a very powerful tool in online marketing. There are many benefits for small businesses and entrepreneurs to implement an email marketing campaign. However, like any other marketing strategy, email marketing can result in amazing… Read more »

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter is one of the upmost viral social media website and a great platform for micro blogging over the web.   Most of the people in recent times twitter became a daily part of their life and its popularity continues to grow very stronger day by day with increasing number of new users from all… Read more »

Leaflet Marketing Tips

Leaflets can be a great way to advertise your business and spread information about the products and services you provide. Leaflets are also a relatively cheap way of marketing your services. The better designed and distributed your leaflets are, the more effective they will be in terms of boosting your business. Designing the Leaflet The… Read more »