Tips on Forum Marketing

Want instant fame? Want to be trusted by the people who admire your field of expertise? Want an instant spring board to sell, brand and market yourself or your product?

If you answered yes to the above question I’ll share a not to secret way to achieve all of the above quickly!! Join and post to forums that focus on the niche your trying to break into…in other words Forum Marketing!

Lets do the one plus ones.

You want traffic!
You want exposure!
You need to advertise!

If we all had the above no matter what we were peddling..we would be highly successful or at least we would be on the golden track to success.

Forums that pertain to your specific niche provide all of those above and guess what it most cases totally free, all you need to do in most cases is register and start posting!

Forums is a captive audience of people passionate about a specific topic or theme. As a collective they all share common interests and or thoughts pertaining to why the forum was established. They provide knowledge, help and guidance. The provide exposure you can use to unveil your product or service. The provide instant traffic if you can entice those passionate readers to your site and the forum provides free advertising for you, your product or service and your website landing page..awesome right??

But before you join every forum in the world pertaining to your niche remember this…don’t be overbearing. Don’t try and force the issue. Remember your captive audience wants to learn about what your telling them, they are knowledgeable and are seeking well thought out posts..not rubbish!

Forum posts also give you knowledge! When other’s post they feed to you keywords, ideas and other niches you can drill into. Their gripes and notes show you what to steer clear of and positive feedback helps you understanding winning posts and how to duplicate that success.

Learn how to create a signature file or SIG that points the captive audience directly to your landing pages using juicy keywords that pertains directly to the forum and its posters. Forums are known to be very rich to search engine because of the pages and pages of unique though, ideas and conversation of that community on a specific topic….there’s no better resource to tap into!

Greg Kappmeier is an internet entrepreneur specializing in SEO traffic generation, Affiliate Marketing and creation of money making blogs.

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